Tips for New Drivers

1. Find the correct seating position

This is very important and something that a lot of people often tend to forget. Most newbies to car driving are complete unaware that every car has an adjustable seat position mechanism. Position your seat in such a manner in which you are comfortably able to access all the control of the car namely, the pedals, the steering and the gear lever.

Your body shouldn’t be strained.

2. Input levels

Once you are ready to start moving, you must figure out the appropriate input levels. Begin with the lightest and the smallest inputs at low speeds for all the components(steering, accelerator, brake, clutch & gearbox). As you may practice more, you can increase the effort you apply. Sudden inputs to the steering wheel or accelerator can result in instant loss of control and put you in dangerous situation.

Hence, increasing the level of effort you put slowly is the best practice to find optimum input.

3. Stick to slow speeds

It is an undeniable fact that flooring the accelerator is very tempting. However, before you start chasing velocity, it is crucial that you get use to driving at slow speeds thoroughly. This allows you to build a strong sense of perception and reaction. Driving at high speeds requires your reactions to be pinpoint accurate.

So, start slow and then gradually build your pace.

4. Never Tailgate

In overseas countries, all drivers have habit of maintaining a safe distance from the car in front of them. Sadly in India, the case is exactly the opposite. On our country’s roads, the cars are as tightly packed as atoms in a molecule. People tend to ignore this concept and pretty much drive as they please.

However, it is always recommended that you maintain a safe distance of at least two cars from the vehicle in front of you.

5. Use of indicators & horns correctly

When you are driving, you only have two sources of communication with drivers around you. One is your indicators and the second is your horn. In general, the horn should only be used to alert other cars about your presence. Many people do have a habit of profusely honking the horn at signals and slow-moving traffic to indicate the people ahead to move faster. This practice is wrong and should certainly not be followed. Similarly when you are turning, always ensure that you are using indicators. Even when you are changing lanes, be sure to use the indicators in that direction.

6. Always drive Calmly

Driving requires a lot of concentration especially on our Indian condition where everything on the road is unpredictable. There are a lot of vehicles on the road that move as they wish to disobey all the rules. It is very hectic and tiring to drive. So, stay calm and drive defensively.

Be aware of the animals also, they can come and go anytime on the road.

7. Don’t use your mobile phone while driving

As mentioned many times in this blog driving requires a lot of concentration. Using your phone while driving can be hazardous to your life as well as others lives. Using your phone while driving can be lethal to life. While driving keep your phone aside and just concentrate on your driving.




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