Tata Safari 6×6

Tata Safari was the last true SUV to be sold in India. It impressed many with its character and tough build quality. But one owner from Haryana has toughened it up more to create the Tata Safari 6×6.

The entire cost of modification is around ₹ 8 lakhs and was done to a Safari Dicor 4×4.

The Ladakh sticker os to remind one of the Ladakh Expedition concept of the Safari that Tata showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo.


At the front, the grille is blacked out, a stone deflector has been added and LED auxiliary lamps have been mounted on the roof.

Look at it from the sides and one can see how stretched the SUV is. The rear windowpane is much bigger and below it is the additional axle to make it a 6×6.

The changes have been made from the rear wheels and this is where the additional room has been created. This would mean no additional legroom for the passengers, but a very large boot.

The rearmost axle has no life which is a disappointment, as a powered axle would have enhanced the capabilities of the vehicle.

This shows that increasing the off-roading capabilities of the SUV was not the owner’s priority. This conversion was made for extra space only.

Since a lot of structural changes are involved, any such modifications should get approved by RTO or else, authorities have powers to take it down.

So, the vehicle should be called a 6×4 rather than a proper 6×6.





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