1st Gen Hyundai i10- Long Term Report by Owner

This is the 1st generation Hyundai i10 Magna variant. It is powered by 1.2l kappa inline-4 petrol engine. This car was purchased in the year 2010.

It is a cute small car for a family of 5 members. Easy to drive in the city due to its compact dimensions, peppy petrol engine, light steering wheel and small turning radius. The suspension is also on the softer side which translates into an excellent low-speed ride. It tackles with all the bumps and potholes in its stride. Some times there is a thud into the cabin due to some sharp bumps.

The soft-suspension setup also means that the high-speed ride is decent, but there is a lot of vertical movement.

The car has completed 56k km, with battery, clutch plate and tyres changed once.

Being a compact hatch, the boot is small(225L). The dashboard design and build quality is also decent, nothing much exciting. The cabin has good number of storage spaces.

Maintenance cost is also on the lower side and very pocket friendly.

According to the owner, long trips were easy with the car. In challenging mountain areas also the car performed well without any problem.

Mileage is between 14-16kmpl. Under full load also there is no problem with the pick-up of the vehicle.

Owner:- Utkarsh Prajapati

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