Tata Indica V2 Turbo DLG – Long Term Owner Report

This Tata Indica was purchased in 2006.

It was bought because at that time it was the most VFM small diesel hatchback.

The engine produces 70 BHP and 130 Nm.

This report is divided into the following parts:-

Pros of the vehicle:

  1. Value for money.
  2. Comfortable ride.
  3. Most spacious at that time().
  4. Reliable engine providing adequate amount of performance.
  5. Good Build Quality.

Cons of the vehicle:

  1. Cheap quality of materials used(expected at that price point).
  2. Lack of safety features.
  3. Parts availability.
  4. Bad NVH levels(Noise, Vibrations and Harshness).

Problems Faced:

  1. Damage of belts
  2. Started consuming a lot of oil.

After-sales service is average.

Rating:- 7/10

Owner:- Daksh Chauhan

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