GMC Hummer EV teased, launch likely in September

GMC has teased the Hummer EV disclosing more information about the model. It is likely to be unveiled this September.

Hummer EV is observed with some curves rather than a traditional squarish design. Still, the design will stick to a classic Hummer.

As seen in the picture the A-pillar is less inclined than the C-pillar that also houses a spoiler. It even has a small bed at the rear which chunky fender flares that house off-road tyres.

The truck will have power out of 1000 HP an d15,590 Nm which are very big numbers!

It will do 0-100km/hr in just 3 seconds which is beyond imagination for a truck.

It is packed with “Ultium” battery with superfast charging option.





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