Why diesel engine is better in SUV?

By SUV we mean 4wd ladder frame vehicle.

  1. Efficiency: Diesels do more work for the same amount of input energy. This can be seen in mileage figures. If we look at larger engines (trucks, locomotives, ships) the efficiency advantage gets even higher.
  2. Torque: They have better torque at low RPM than gasoline. Of course, gasoline turbo engines have good torque as well, but most automotive diesels of today are turbo as well. So, more torque for the same displacement.
  3. No flooding: There are no spark plugs to get wet from excess fuel. If you want more power from that specific engine, just put more air and more fuel in it. Of course, the engine will belch out clouds of soot, but it will not flood.
  4. Silent at cruising speed: They may be more noisy when idling, but at 80–160 kph, due to lower revving, they are significantly less noisy than a gasoline engine of similar output.
  5. Diesel fuel very rarely catches fire in a bad crash or because of an engine fault.

These are some of the advantages of a diesel SUV. Feel free to add some more points in the comment section below.

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