How do I drive manual car uphill without rolling backwards?

  • Using the parking brake: Left foot on the clutch, all the way down, right foot on the brake. Car is in first gear, idling and it does not roll (brake is pressed). You pull the handbrake and then move your right foot on the gas pedal. Left foot is still on the clutch, all the way down. Car does not roll, due to the handbrake. You do a normal departing maneuvre (gradually let go the clutch while gently pressing the gas). When the car gives sign that it wants to move (it will “squat” a little), you let the handbrake down, gradually. Best results are achieved if you keep the top handbrake button always pressed and modulate the braking only by pushing/pulling the lever. It looks complicated but in reality it is simple This also works on any gradient and with any load.
  • Using only the clutch: This is a bit more advanced and does not work on very steep hills or heavily loaded cars. You start in first gear, with left foot on the clutch, all the way down and right foot on the brake. You gently lift the clutch, only partially, until you notice the revs going down (see on the revmeter or hear the engine straining a little). When this happens you no longer lift or press the clutch, just hold the left foot at that level and take your right foot from the brake, slowly. Two things may happen: either you start rolling backwards and then you lift the clutch a bit more until you are no longer rolling, or the car remains stationary. When the car is held in place by the little amount of torque that you let through the clutch, you can move your right foot on the gas and continue with a normal departing manoeuvre (slowly lifting the clutch while pressing a bit on the gas). Obviously, this should be done reasonably quick so that you do not burn the clutch.

These are the simple techniques you can follow. Always practise in an empty place for safety.

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