Defensive Driving

You surely have heard the phrase “defensive driving”, but what actually is it?

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Defensive driving is a particular style of driving that makes use of various techniques to help you stay safe and keep away from problems caused by other road users.

Safety is the main motive and benefit of defensive driving. Other advantages of defensive driving include better fuel economy and putting less stain on your car.

Control your speed

The most basic principle of defensive driving is to make sure your vehicle is travelling at a controlled speed at all times.

In wet and icy conditions, controlling your speed is even more important as your cars’ tyres have even less grip than if the roads are dry, which means it is even more dangerous than normal.

“Always remember that if the speed limit is 100 kph that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do 100 kph.”

Maintain your distance

The most effective way to avoid collision is to keep away from other road users. Maintaining an appropriate distance when following other is important particularly on the motorway. The ‘two second rule’ is a way to maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. Look at an upcoming road sign, you should to be able to count at least two seconds between the time the car in front passes the sign and you pass the sign. In wet and icy conditions increase this time to at least 4 considering the increased stopping distance.

Stay Aware and Be Aware

Being aware of the surroundings is a key part of defensive driving. Keep a regular check on your mirrors, it keeps you mindful of what’s going around you.

Knowing what’s going around you helps you anticipate potential stops earlier, helping you stay safe, use less fuel and brake earlier and smoother. You not only have to be aware of the cars but also the cyclists and pedestrians🚶.

Also, keep an eye on your blindspot, especially when you are overtaking or changing lanes.

Using all of the above defensive driving techniques and tactics will ensure that you stay safe every time you get behind the wheel. Always buckle up when getting behind the wheel and be a responsible motorist.

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