Tips for Driving in the Dark

Driving at night can be be really tiring as well as dangerous. Let us guide you through some tips:

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Check you bulbs

Sounds simple, but when was the last time you checked your bulbs. It is always a good idea to check the car’s lights before any journey. It is also a good practice to keep a spare set of bulbs in the car, especially if your car is older.

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Keep it clean

Another simple yet effective tip. By cleaning your car, headlight, taillights, etc. will be more effective, as they won’t have layers of dirt reducing their ability to project light. Lights insure that you and your car can be seen by other motorists on the road.

You should always keep the windshield, the windows, ORVM and IRVM clean in order to avoid any disturbance and have a clear view of the road and your surroundings.

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Opt for Defensive Driving 🚘

Use Anti-Glare IRVM film

Most of the modern cars com with an auto-dimming IRVM but for those who don’t have this feature in their cars, they can opt for an anti-glare film. This can be really helpful during night drives because the glares from the vehicles behind you can blind you sometimes if the lights are too reflective.

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Use High Beam Wisely

Your car’s main beam is useful for those roads with no street lights. But it’s important to make sure don’t dazzle oncoming traffic. So always be aware of oncoming vehicle and proceed with caution.

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Don’t drive tired

Ensure you get plenty of sleep to make sure you’re alert whenever you’re driving. One of the best practice is to keep yourself hydrated. If you feel sleepy, turn off the AC and roll down the windows to induce freshness.

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Drive Slow

With decreased visibility, especially on poorly lit roads, it is always a good idea to slow down your speed, then you’ll always have time to react, if a hazard comes in front of you. Don’t slow down too much as you tur into an even bigger hazard.

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There are plenty of ways to ensure you stay safe on the road when it’s dark outside.

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