SSC Tuatara Striker and Aggressor unveiled with up to 2,200 HP

In January it set a production-vehicle land-speed record of 282.9(455.2kph) mph. Now, SSC is ready to expand the Tuatara lineup.

Now, SSC announced the Tuatara Striker and Tuatara Aggressor. The new models of the hypercar have more downforce, more power and more customizable options.

The SSC Tuatara is a high-downforce model with an aggressive body kit, a fixed rear wing with vertical stabilizers and a huge new rear diffuser. There is a new splitter that sits up-front while the sides have vaned side rockers.  The new aero kit delivers about 1,100lb(500kg) of downforce at 160mph(257kph), compared to the 362lb(165kg) produced on the standard Tuatara, according to SSC. The design puts 45.4% of the downforce on the front axle and 54.6% on the rear. SSC designer Jason Castriota said more than 1,000 hours were spent in CFD to design the Striker’s aero package to create downforce with a minimum drag penalty.

The Tuatara Aggressor model uses the Striker’s aero kit, as part of package to make it a track-only weapon.  A carbon dashboard is standard, and customers will have the option to customize their own racing seats, five-point racing harness, and carbon-fiber roll cage. Customers will also be given the option to use Lexan windows and a stripped-down bare carbon-fiber interior without sound deadening for weight savings. Buyers will be involved in the build of their specific car, and the design of the exhaust system and the sound it makes will be tailored to their liking; SSC will even let customers make the car as loud as they want because it won’t have decibel restrictions as a track car. Track slicks will also be as an optional.

Lets move to the heart of the matter.

Striker models are powered by the 5.9-liter twin-turbo V8 with 1350 HP and 1334 Nm of torque n 91-octane pump gas and 1,750 hp and 1792 Nm of torque on E85. A 7-speed automated CIMA gearbox sends powers to the rear wheels with gearing optimized for a top speed of 270 mph and better acceleration when exiting low-speed corners compared to the standard Tuatara.

Meanwhile, Aggressor models come with 1,350 hp, but they can be optioned to produce a colossal 2,200 hp and 2174 Nm of torque on E85 thanks to a more aggressive camshaft, higher compression, and more boost.

About the Tuatara

The SSC Tuatara currently holds the record for “Fastest Production Car in the World”, after achieving a two-way average speed of 282.9 mph (455.3 km/h) in 2.3 miles at Kennedy Space Center’s Shuttle Landing Facility in Florida. This street-legal production car is the baseline for the Tuatara Striker and Aggressor variants. 

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