Rimac Nevera The 1,900 HP Electric Hypercar

This is the production version of C_Two concept car

Rimac is a Croatian electric car manufacturer, it has unveiled Nevera the 1914 hp electric vehicle that can achieve a maximum top speed of 415 km/hr

No 2 Neveras will have the same specification


Every single exterior panel has been designed keeping aerodynamic efficiency in mind. The car also gets active aero elements like the rear wing, underbody flap and the diffuser. The Nevera also comprises of a better cooling system, even for the braking system.

The Nevera is powered by a H shaped, liquid cooled, 120 kWh battery pack, which powers the four electric motors for a combined power output of 1914 HP and 2360 Nm of torque.

The front and rear wheels are each connected to a single speed gearbox. The Rimac Nevera storms from 0-100 km/hr in 1.85 seconds and a top-speed of 415 km/hr. The car flies from 0-160 km/hr in 4.3 seconds, 300 km/hr in 9.3 seconds. The quarter-mile takes 8.6 seconds

The car is also equipped with an All-Wheel Torque Vectoring system and has 7 driving modes. Nevera also has AI which will assist the owner extract maximum performance from the vehicle on the track.

The car is completely bespoke with no components borrowed from another manufacturers. Rimac Automobili CEO and founder Mate Rimac says that the car is undergoing final testing and it has reached 95% of its performance capabilities. Says,” can go beyond that and improve it further”.

Only 150 examples of the EV will be made.

Let us know your thoughts on this new electric hyper car.

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